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Learn About Our
Charlotte Day Spa

In 2013, our founder, Olivia Chapa-Baltimore, started NUE’ with a staff of three estheticians and a dream to help people. She was a licensed esthetician who was certified in permanent cosmetics, and she specialized in a variety of eyebrow techniques. Prior to her unexpected passing, Olivia traveled the world, learning from some of the best wax experts and returning with new skills to teach the rest of our staff. While Olivia is no longer here with us, her dream lives on through our staff of 14 estheticians, and we constantly strive to help both men and women love their appearances via our Charlotte day spa services. We pride ourselves on our no double dipping policy, as well as our assorted techniques designed to meet individual needs. Even though our studio opened in 2013, almost all of our staff had prior training and experience from other beauty bars across the country.

Awards Our Team Has Earned

2017 Best Eyebrow Waxing
2016 Eyebrow Waxing
2015 Best Eyebrow Waxing
2014 Smoothest Skin Waxing
3D Brows & Microblading


Every 1,000 Reward Points Equals $10 In-Store Value

  • Client referral (500 points) = $5.00
  • Retail purchase of $25 (250 points) = $2.50
  • Retail purchase of $50 (500 points) = $5.00
  • Retail purchase of $100 (1000 points) = $10.00
  • Pre-booking (100 points) = $1.00
  • Follow us on IG (100 points) = $1.00
  • Like us on Facebook (100 points) = $1.00

*Points do not expire. (Points can be used in $5 increments, if the guest has 1200 points, they can use 1000)
*Referral Program – Refer a friend and receive $5 off (500 points) your next visit. Plus we will enter your name in a drawing, for a free wax package, for each referral.
*Social media rewards, just show the front desk and we will honor those rewards.

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