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Semi-Permanent Eyebrows in Charlotte and Huntersville, NC

Never worry about your eyebrows again! If your eyebrows are hard to grow or don’t grow in certain areas, consider 3D brow services. The trained estheticians at NUÉ Brows to Brazilians + Beaute Bar perform 3D eyebrow embroidery and microblading. This semi-permanent process involves feathering hairlike strokes on your skin to create natural-looking, beautifully sculpted eyebrows. The pigment is made of nontoxic vegetable ink and is matched to your existing eyebrows. Don’t waste your time on temporary solutions; enjoy the benefits of 3D brows and effortless beauty! Stop by one of our Charlotte or Huntersville locations today for a personal microblading consultation with a trained esthetician.

The Benefits of 3D Brows

With 3D brows, you can achieve natural, fuller-looking brows with a dimension that beautifully frame your face. Because the microblading process uses non-toxic vegetable ink that fades over a period of time, 3D brows are far safer than eyebrow tattoos that use artificial ink. No needles are involved during your service; instead, a dye is applied with strokes of a very fine blade into the epidermal layer of your skin. One of the benefits of microblading is that it’s virtually painless because your skin is numbed beforehand with topical anesthetic. Rest assured all of our estheticians are highly trained in the microblading process and observe the strictest sanitation policies and tools for your safety.

After your service, there’s no need to pencil in your brows or spend money on expensive makeup. Because the featherlike strokes mimic natural hair, your brows will look more realistic and have more depth than a flat tattoo and don’t wash off or fade at the end of your day. Also, your new and beautiful brows require minimum professional maintenance: You only need touchups every six months to a year. In fact, you can enjoy results as long as up to two years.

3D brows are safe and beautiful and save you time in the long run. They are an investment in your appearance that you won’t regret for years to come. Trust the professionals at NUÉ for bold, beautiful brows today!

Initial Procedures

Depending on how much of your brow needs to be filled in during the initial procedure that builds the framework for your new brows*, prices vary as follows:

  • 25% brow fill: $400
  • 50% brow fill: $450
  • 75% brow fill: $500
  • 100% brow fill: $550
  • Additional touch-ups: $200

*percentage of fill is determined after brow consultation with an esthetician

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