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Hair Removal Solutions in Charlotte, NC

Come to NUÉ Brows to Brazilians + Beaute Bar if you’re tired of shaving, waxing, and tweezing unwanted and unsightly body hair. We offer Depilar, a semi-permanent, pain-free, long-lasting hair removal service for both men and women. No matter where you have hair, we can remove it with our Depilar gel. After your time with us, you will enjoy a significant decrease in body hair. Over the course of 12 to 24 sessions, feel confident in your new, hair-free limbs, chest, and face for months!

Waxing Services in Charlotte, NC

How Depilar Works

The Depilar system is a pain-free hair removal solution that provides long-lasting results. Depilar is an enzyme-based gel that combines the proteins trypsin and chymotrypsin. This highly effective protein combination breaks down hair follicles and reduces your overall body hair.

When you decide to move forward with this service, you’ll need to come in for four to six treatments between a 12 to 24-month period. Multiple gel applications target different follicles at the anagen growth stages, which ensures that we treat any dormant follicles. After your initial procedure, you may experience accelerated hair growth as dormant hair follicles are activated. That’s why it’s crucial to come in for multiple treatments to ensure desirable results. Trust us when we say you won’t be disappointed!

One of our trained estheticians applies the Depilar gel directly to your skin after a hair removal procedure, such as waxing, to treat your hair follicles and minimize regrowth. Afterward, you can go for months without seeing any stubble or hair growth, which means you can go for longer periods between waxing and hair removal treatments.

Depilar works for both men and women practically anywhere on the body. People of any ethnicity, skin tone and skin type can be treated with this highly effective treatment. It even works on those with dry skin and is safe for people who have undergone laser hair removal procedures. Are you ready for a hair-free, hassle-free lifestyle? Schedule your Depilar treatments at one of our Charlotte or Huntersville NUÉ Brows to Brazilians + Beaute Bar locations today!

Hair Removal Areas

Services for Women & Men
  • Lip: $27/$29
  • Chin: $27/$29
  • Cheeks: $38/$45
  • Neck: $38/$45
  • Sideburns: $33/$35
  • Shoulders: $35/$43
  • Chest: $70/$78
  • Stomach strip: $27/$30
  • Half arms: $54/$65
  • Full arms: $85/$103
  • Half legs: $90/$98
  • Full legs: $168/$177
  • Inner thigh: $45/$50
  • Underarms: $45/$52
  • Full back: $92/$120
  • Half back: $63/$72
  • Bikini line: $65/$69
  • Full bikini: $88/$105
  • Buttocks: $65/$70
  • Full stomach: $53/$67
Waxing Services in Charlotte, NC

Schedule Your Hair Removal Appointment Today

Depilar is pain-free and works on a variety of skin types and tones. Get ready to enjoy your new, hair-free lifestyle, which takes the time and hassle of shaving out of your daily routine. Of course, we offer competitive pricing at our locations. If you would like more information regarding this service, please contact our Charlotte beauty bar at (980) 335-0000. We’re happy to answer your questions and schedule an appointment or consultation. We look forward to assisting you!

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