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Our Founder

Nue’ Brows to Brazilians was founded in June of 2013 by THE Olivia Chapa-Baltimore. She left her home in Ohio with a dream that she made come true here in our city, Charlotte, NC. Nue’ is composed of her blood, sweat, and tears. It was her baby. In September of 2016, Nue’ lost its mom to a tragic accident. It is our honor and duty, as the staff of Nue’, to keep her dream alive.

Olivia Chapa-Baltimore is a licensed esthetician and certified in permanent cosmetics, specializing in an assortment of eyebrow techniques for individual needs. She has traveled extensively, learning and working with some of the best wax experts and brow gurus in the beauty industry. Opening NUE’ in 2013, starting with a staff of only 3, she now has 14 NUE’ Beauties, that follow the same passion and talent for all wax and brow needs.


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