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Get the Perfect Finished Touch in Charlotte, NC

Are you looking for something particularly special for a certain event or certain someone? There’s no need to be shy at NUÉ Brows to Brazilians + Beaute Bar! Treat yourself to our private selection of services that allow you to express yourself in the most intimate of ways. Secret services are individualized, perfect finishing touches that give men and women the opportunity to beautify themselves in a unique way. Our skilled estheticians will assist you with finding the right look and feel for you and your special someone. We offer a range of services, from wedding night waxing to adding a little extra sparkle for an exciting personal touch. Our Charlotte and Huntersville, NC, beauty bar experts can help you make your special event look and feel unforgettable!

Our Secret Services Menu

Some of our secret services include:
  • Vajacial* ($55): Treat every part of yourself kindly. A vajacial soothes and beautifies your bikini area so you can feel comfortable and look great. This service is especially helpful to calm skin after any type of waxing and shaving in your intimate regions. Treatment begins with a brightening cleanse that kills any bacteria and evens skin tone. This is followed by ingrown hair extraction, finished with a soothing enzyme mask. Your little lady will thank us!
  • Special event waxing: For a pristine look for that special occasion, let our trained estheticians take care of you. We’re equipped to handle all the waxing needs of both men and women and offer competitive pricing.
  • Pink Wink* ($110): If you’re looking to eliminate age spots or discoloration in your intimate areas, try our Pink Wink treatment. This service will make you feel confident and look your best by achieving a perfectly bright, even skin tone. We offer a formula with all-natural skin lightening products specifically for use on intimate areas. The application process is painless because the brightening cream formula uses peptides instead of acids. Pink Wink is safe for all skin types and dries quickly and evenly, leaving no oily or sticky feeling. As an extra plus, this product contains no alcohol, fragrances, dyes, or potential irritants.

* Need to pair with waxing.

Depilar in Charlotte, NC

Schedule Your Secret Service Today

Here at NUÉ Brows to Brazilians + Beaute Bar, we offer you the best beauty services. So whether you need special treatment for a certain area or wedding night waxing, we give the best prices in Huntersville and Charlotte, NC. If you’re Interested in scheduling one of our secret services, reach out to our offices now at 980-335-0000!

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